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Design and Marketing Services

If you’re looking to boost sales, start advertising online, or are looking for content support and publishing services – look no further. We provide simple, inexpensive options to start managing your web presence and marketing your products.

Website Design

The first step in the process is designing an efficient, elegant, and performant website that works to streamline your business. We keep our pricing simple and your site can be live in days rather than months.

Our process involves a kickoff discussion where we learn about your business and your short term and long term goals. We create a site outline document that we work on together to determine what content and products need to be on the website. Clark Five has the experience to help you decide what is a priority for your website. This gives you clarity and focus during the development process.

From there, we build your design within our infrastructure, providing a beautiful design on both desktop and mobile, that loads super fast and is geared towards your online needs.

Web Hosting

After your website is built we ensure your hosting is properly configured for your business and offer security threat detection, free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates, software updates and site edits as needed.

Our hosting plans are much more than hosting services. We provide business services wrapped into the pricing. Depending on your chosen plan, these are some of features our hosting provides:

  • Monthly analytics that give insight into who visited your site and where they are from.
  • 24/7 security monitoring to ensure your website is safe and secure.
  • Regular software updates provide the strongest and fastest infrastructure available.
  • Quarterly strategy sessions to help you plan your online goals.
  • 30 minutes of consulting or support to make changes on the site or assist based on your immediate needs.

Ad Campaign Management

Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn have continued to build on their advertising offerings, and digital ad campaign management has become increasingly complex. Small businesses need to think about their strategy as a whole and where and how those campaigns should be optimized across social platforms.

At Clark Five, we can help you create targeted and personalized ad campaigns, assist with the overall strategy, design creative elements for your advertising, and provide a hands-on approach to ad management that ensures your strategy works as intended.

Email Marketing Solutions

Choosing the right email marketing service can have a significant impact on the success of your marketing campaign. We can help you choose the right email marketing service, help assist with your overall email marketing strategy, design emails for different campaigns, and even manage your email marketing for you. We regularly work with MailChimp, Constant Contact, SendinBlue, Convertkit, and Drip.

Graphic Design for Social Media

Ever wanted your social posts and pages on Facebook, Instagram and elsewhere to look consistent and strategic? We can help design and curate graphics to help your social presence be more engaging, branded and professional. Clark Five can help design the graphic elements, and assist with your overall strategy. We can even help build a content calendar that will help you plan and schedule the right content to reach the audience you want.

Logo Design & Rebranding

Your logo and brand are one of the most important elements of a successful business and website. It is a fundamental part of your marketing strategy. Clark Five can help you design a logo from concept to completion, or assist in rebranding your company. For those with established brands, we can also help update your logo, keeping the essence of your logo intact, while providing a big impact for the future.

Publishing & Editing Services

Adding good content and the right content to your website can often be the difference between ranking well in Google search and not being found for your key search terms. Small businesses are busy and finding the time to edit and craft beautiful content can end up on the back burner after a long day. That’s where our publishing and editing services can help.

Clark Five can work with you on your overall strategy, assisting in helping you define which topics you should be creating content on. One of our more popular services is a Content Breakout service, where you write long form about a topic of interest, and we, in turn, edit that content and break it down into whitepapers, blog posts, quicklinks, social posts and newsletters. This helps you repurpose content into appropriate channels, finding the right audience at the right time all from one set of content.

Search Engine Optimization

When Clark Five builds your website it is search engine optimized from day one, giving you great visibility and organic ranking on Google search over time. But, there are many additional options a business can choose to compete at a higher level on certain keywords.

Often times, a paid advertising program is a great place to start, but over the long term, having a set of goals, and continually improving your site structure and content to reflect that is critical. We can research the competition, provide keywords that you should be using in your content, design new landing pages around priority topics, and more. We recommend coupling SEO Optimization services with Publishing and Editing services to truly supercharge your online potential.

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