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Web Design & Marketing Services

If you’re looking to boost sales, start advertising online, or are looking for content support and publishing services – look no further. We provide simple, inexpensive options to start managing your web presence and marketing your services.

Email Marketing Solutions

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Every day, millions of people check their email.

A strategic email campaign is still the uncontested winner when it comes to marketing that creates a strong return on investment.

How? Email is ancient right? True, however every day millions of people check their email.

Choosing the right email marketing service can have a significant impact on the success of your marketing campaign. We can help you choose the right email marketing service, the right marketing partner, assist with your overall email marketing strategy, and even design emails for different campaigns.

Our digital marketing partners regularly work with MailChimp, Constant Contact, SendinBlue, Convertkit, and Drip.

Digital Marketing Management

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Digital advertising is the most effective and cost efficient form of advertising for small businesses.

Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn have continued to build on their advertising offerings, and digital ad campaign management has become increasingly complex.

Small businesses need to think about their strategy as a whole and where and how those campaigns should be optimized across social platforms.

At Clark Five, we can help connect you with one of our amazing digital marketing partners who can help you create targeted and personalized ad campaigns. We’ll assist with the overall strategy, design creative elements for your advertising, and provide a hands-on approach working with your ad managers to ensures your strategy works as intended.

Logo Design & Rebranding

Clark Five Design provides Logo Design, Logo Vectoring and Rebranding Services

Your logo and brand are one of the most important elements of a successful business and website.

It is a fundamental part of your marketing strategy. Clark Five can help you design a logo from concept to completion, or assist in re-branding your company.

For those with established brands, we can also help update your logo, keeping the essence of your logo intact, while updating small features that create a big impact across a variety of media. Lost a high quality vector version of your logo? We offer logo vectoring services as well to prepare your brand for print and large scale applications.

Search Engine Optimization

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There are many additional options a business can choose to compete at a higher level on certain keywords.

When Clark Five builds your website, it is search engine optimized from day one, giving you great visibility and organic ranking on Google search over time. But, there are many additional options a business can choose to compete at a higher level on certain keywords.

We work with talented digital marketing teams who can research your competition, and provide keywords that you should be using in your content. Clark five will design new landing pages around priority topics, and more.

Aim to be the #1 answer on Google for what your customers want to know, so that you’ll be #1 when they want to buy.

Web Hosting & Analytics

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Rock solid hosting that delivers security and speed and so much more

After your website is built we ensure your hosting is properly configured for your business and offer security threat detection, free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates, software updates and site edits as needed. We’ll handle all the complex issues that can arise and deal directly with customer support so you don’t have to.

Website Design for Small Business

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Stand Out From Your Competition with A Winning Website Design

Clark Five Design creates custom website designs for small businesses around the United States. Our work stands out from the rest of the competition and are built to enable business growth.

Our custom built websites work as your company’s biggest online asset. Your return on investment will be apparent and you’ll never worry about keeping up with modern trends…we’ve got it covered.

We build websites for people nationally and internationally, with a special focus on those in Oregon and the local Willamette Valley such as Salem, McMinnville, Corvallis, Albany and Lebanon.

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